Product type: Dolls & Accessories
Supplier type: Wholesaler
Market served: Ociana, South America
Trade show: NA

ZOMBIEZOO is like the ordinary zoos you have visited, only different. It has exotic animals, gift shops, restaurants, moats, fences and a zookeeper, but in this zoo, the animals are in charge. They don’t depend on people. I don’t think there are even any people around, which is why they need a pal like you. Each Zombie has their own personally with their dreams and aspirations. Check out ZOMBIEZOO and find out what it is all about!

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ZOMBIEZOO debuts with five unique, designer plush characters: Boo, Muck, Rob, Stich and Toxic. Each character is 12” high, constructed of soft fleece, sporting an original, turned-inside-out look, “Frankenstein” quality embroidery stitching, and endearing faces on their large heads. Adorning their necks is a personality tag on a chain. It’s the perfect gift for that special someone looking for a collectable plush friend to bond with and hug.

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