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Market served: North America
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Using Natural Spectrum® lighting technology, Verilux provides sanitizing, therapy and lighting solutions to improve our customer’s quality of life and well-being.

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Verilux, Inc., located in Waitsfield, Vermont, was founded in 1956 by renowned graphic artist Howard Scott. While searching for relief from his Iritis (inflammation of the iris) he discovered what was to become the foundation of Verilux technology. Scott often painted at night under a bare light bulb, and his eyes were aggravated by poor lighting conditions and continually straining to see. Initially, Scott developed the Trucolite®, a fixture which featured six colored tubes that, when combined, replicated ‘natural’ light. With the advent of phosphor technology used in televisions, the light Scott was striving for could now be achieved in a single tube. The results of Howard Scott’s effort are lighting solutions that deliver the benefit of natural daylight.

Verilux has brought its research, innovation and experience of replicating the power of light to create beneficial and environmentally sustainable products in three categories: Vision, Therapy, and Sanitizing.

Scientifically tuned to the human eye, Verilux Natural Spectrum® lighting is refined to include the best of Natural Spectrum® daylight without the harmful or unnecessary wavelengths. This visually efficient light reduces eyestrain and fatigue enabling people to read, or work on arts and crafts longer and with better concentration.

Light Therapy is used to address many diverse, but common problems in an effective manner that is free of drugs and side effects. Studies have shown that light therapy is an effective solution for the Winter Blues, sleeplessness and improving the condition of your skin, to name a few.

Verilux CleanWave® Technology utilizes invisible UV-C Light to safely sanitize the surfaces in your home, eliminating up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria and dust mites. Chemical-free and odorless, UV-C light effectively eliminates biological contaminants that live and multiply on surfaces without having to resort to using harsh chemicals and cleansers.

Verilux leads the industry in healthy lighting technology. Using natural, sustainable applications of light to enhance your body, mind and spirit while protecting the environment is the essence of living Life in a Better Light®. Whether it be for reading, therapy or sanitizing with light, Verilux products will have a positive impact on you, your family and the environment.

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