Product type: Lounging & Relaxing Furniture, Outdoor Cushion, Outdoor Dining Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

We make top quality outdoor and indoor articles...

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1969 – Establishes Varaschin, the company exerts its influence as a centre of excellence in the production of rattan and wicker furniture, consecrating hand weaving. 1985 – Varaschin renews the history of weaving by taking its production to the countries of origin of rattan [Indonesia], and keeping customization of all its products in Italy. 1990 – The Eco easy chair is born, the first example of using cast aluminium together with woven wicker and/or man-made fibre. 2000 – Varaschin starts experimenting with other materials such as wood, lacquer and leather, and also a collection of cabinets.. 2002 – Varaschin begins to produce complementary decor items for homes and approaches the design of hotel and spa interior décor, building up a sales network dedicated to the contract trade. 2005 – Varaschin reinforces its presence on the market by introducing woven man-made fibres and other materials suitable for outdoors such as aluminium and steel. 2010 – Varaschin introduces new fibre such as cord and string, designed specifically for outdoors: they can be seen in the Obi, Kente and Cricket collections. 2012 – Varaschin has undertaken an ambitious project to expand into the seaside resort and hotel lounge sector, to give a new meaning to private beaches.

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