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Vapamore, Built with a passion to transform the most powerful elements of nature, water, and air into the perfect steam cleaning machine.

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Vento meaning “wind” in Italian was the inspiration of the MR-500 Vento Canister Vacuum System. The team at Vapamore spent 2 years developing the ultimate canister vacuum with features that meet and surpass competitors vacuums selling for more than twice the price.
Vento features include 1400 watts total cleaning power, adjustable suction controls, extra large floor head with bright LED lighting, 200 watt electric rotating brush, brush jam reset button, ultra tight turn radius, quiet efficient operation, 26′ retractable power cord, on board tool storage, and the largest selection of included accessories.
The Vento’s HEPA filter helps to maintain clean, contaminant and allergy free air. Up to 99.97% free from pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold, and all other allergens.
Quality, power, value and the Vapamore lifetime warranty are the hallmarks of Vapamore and the MR-500 Vento Canister Vacuum System.
The shared Italian heritage of the VAPamore family breathes life into the company. This makes us exceptional in our industry for being extremely professional and a joy to our customers. In the Italian language, ‘vapore’ means ‘steam’ and ‘amore’ means ‘love’ hence, “the love of steam.” This phrase drives VAPamore towards the pursuit of creative realization where everyone truly cares about delivering a premium product, and an unparalleled Customer Service experience.
Vapamore is the essence of superior design and intelligent engineering. Every Vapamore product is built and rigorously tested with a passion to realize the perfect steam cleaning machine. The drive for innovation soon led to the creation of an impressive line of Vapamore products: MR-1000 Forza, MR-100 Primo, MR-75 Amico, and MR-50 Steam / Vac.

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