Urethane Supply Company

Urethane Supply Company

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Our company has been on the net since 1996. We regularly update our site with the latest in plastic repair technology and plastic repair methods. Our goal for the website is to have the friendliest and easiest-to-use site on the net. If you are interested in seeing the way our site use to look, you can see some archived sites by clicking here. (You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker as this will open in a new window)

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Just about any automobile collision will result in damage to the bumper. Before the 1980’s, most of the bumpers were made from steel. Today, just about all automobiles have bumper covers made from plastic. Most of the early plastic bumper covers were made from urethane and, in 1981, Urethane Supply Company was formed to address the needs of bumper recylcers and to supply products to repair urethane bumper covers. Hence the name Urethane Supply Company. As auto manufacturers began using other materials in bumper covers, Urethane Supply Company developed products to repair those types of plastics as well. However, our name did not change.

Urethane Supply Company has always focused on plastic repair and refinishing. We do not make or sell anything if it does not help with plastic repair. You can look at other manufacturers and you will see that their plastic repair materials are a “me too” product line. They probably sell bedliners, seam sealers, glass cleaners, engine degreasers, or lithium grease. Ask yourself, “How can a company that sells lithium grease and wire wheel cleaner also be thoroughly familiar with plastic repair?” Urethane Supply Company focuses only on plastic repair and refinishing.

Our mission is to provide everything needed to repair and refinish automotive plastic. By breaking down the process of plastic repair, we have developed products to address each step. With our close ties to the bumper recycling market, the insurance industry, and with body shops, we are able to solve quickly any new problems with plastic repair. For example, when problems developed repairing some of the newer TPO bumpers, Urethane Supply Company was quick to develop FiberFlex. No other “me too” company has a product that compares to FiberFlex.

It is this relentless dedication to solving problems that has put Urethane Supply Company on the cutting edge of plastic repair. While Urethane Supply Company will put you on the cutting edge of plastic repair, we will not put you on the bleeding edge. We thoroughly test our products to assure ourselves, and you, that the product works. We do not use you as a guinea pig.

We provide information for the customer and make it readily available at our web site and our technical support line. When you call Urethane Supply Company, you will talk to a human… you will not be asked to go through layers and layers of options just to put a message on someone’s voice mail. We do not keep any repair methods secret.

When you use Urethane Supply Company’s repair products and repair methods, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are using tested products from a company dedicated to plastic repair, and you will be able to use them without any hesitation or confusion whatsoever.

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