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My name is Wayne Seymour and I am the lead buyer for Needy-Things, and we recently noticed

an opportunity now in your products niche. Based on the market research that we have done

my team and I are confident that our marketing techniques will make this new venture our

most successful venture is launching its site on February 2016 and we

are looking for suppliers who are interested in working together on a drop ship basis.

We are now establishing an exclusive showcase of products for what is to be a guaranteed

“Hot” internet retail outlet. Products that are both desirable and unique. I would like to

know how I may be able to showcase your products, that we see reflect that type of

statement and is now in demand.

Needy-Things endeavor is to give our customers an innovative shopping experience by

offering them exquisite, high quality products they need and want but never had a

location on where to acquire them, until now. We at Needy-Things look forward to having a

robust and enduring business relationship with you.

Wayne Seymour
14121 NE Airport Way
Portland, Or 97230
Email: [email protected]
1 971 337 3216

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