Product type: Chemicals & Cleaning Products, First Aid Kits, Home Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

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Because of our global reach, we adhere to international best practices but also focus on local, industry-specific expertise. It’s our responsibility to provide the most effective solutions that will best fit your needs, at excellent value for money.

Outstanding service is the one feature that our customers really value about Unisan. We love serving our customers’ needs and creating total customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced staff is dedicated to providing a simple, honest, on-time and first-class service from 7:00am -4:30pm.

As well as our core range of Recycling Bins, Spill Control and Hand Cleaners, we offer many innovative solutions and services to the following industry sectors: Automotive Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing, Power Generation, Mining, Printing, Pharmaceutical, Oil Refining, Hospitals, Rail, Marine – and many others.