Uh-Oh Industries

Uh-Oh Industries

Product type: Baby & Child Care, Baby Boys Clothing, Baby Girls Clothing
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

It's no longer dress to impress....but DRESS TO MESS! uh-oh industries is a unique children's clothing company devoted to designing hip graphic t's and one-pieces with the free-spirited nature of kids in mind

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“Uh-oh”, the infamous one liner that you can’t help but smile at (even if they did just break your favorite dish). At Uh-Oh Industries we have taken all of those memorable times and laid them out as the foundation of our company. We are rooted in pure fun!

Lots of thought and consideration went into launching Uh-Oh Industries. Each and every concept, design choice and decision was carefully considered. The result? An eco-friendly children’s clothing line – one that matches the bubbly, free spirited nature of kids.

Uh-Oh Industries was officially born in 2010. Though, the idea of Uh-Oh originally started with a doodle. Bored in class one day, Frankie Testa, founder and designer of Uh-Oh, kept himself busy by sketching random shapes. One in particular stuck out in his mind – it resembled a stain. With that and the help of his family and friends, of course, the idea evolved and Uh-Oh Industries got its start.

Frankie Testa and his team have worked hard to put together a playful, fun and stylish line of children’s clothing, well above the norm, that is sure to cause a buzz!

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