Ugo Furniture

Ugo Furniture

Product type: Home Furniture, Outdoor Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Ugo is an attitude and commitment to promote mobile, sustainable furniture that will reduce waste and help save space.

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UGO Furniture was developed to break down easily. UGO Furniture allows you to move yourself without help from friends and neighbors while not sacrificing comfortable seating. UGO Furniture wants to help change the mindset of the disposable society we live in. UGO Furniture provides an alternative solution to throwing sofas out curbside at each move because they are too bulky and heavy to move. Your Ugo Furniture will go wherever U GO! Ugo Furniture is 100% American made, Eco-Friendly, and ready to assemble and store with NO TOOLS. Ugo Furniture is manufactured entirely in the state of Oregon. The pine used to assemble the frames comes from an Forest Stewardship (FSC) certified mill out of Gilchrist Oregon and upholstery for the cushions is taken care of directly out of the warehouse. Ugo Furniture is a responsible purchase by virtue of it’s long lasting qualities and easy-move or store aspects. Ugo Furniture owner’s are also more likely to resist the urge to get rid of their furniture as many people do sometimes such as college students at the end of the school year i.e. old sofa’s on the corner. As an alternative, Ugo hope that they will instead choose to store their furniture or be able to move it to a new location instead of adding to the landfill.

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