Product type: Cooking Appliance, Kitchen Appliance
Supplier type: Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Tribest Corporation, located in Anaheim, CA is a leading designer, OEM manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of branded, high quality small appliances for healthy lifestyles

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Tribest is an innovative leader in the Juice Extractor, Dehydrator, Blender and Sprouter business and continues to bring the best products oriented towards the health and well being of their customers. Some of their most renowned products include the Green Star Elite juice extractor, Sedona Combo raw food dehydrator, and Dynablend Horsepower Plus super power blender.

At Tribest, we strive to make the best small kitchen and home appliances designed for
healthy lifestyles. We are continually pioneering new and innovative technologies that
allow our customers to maximize their health naturally. Featuring the latest innovations
in juicers, blenders, dehydrators, sprouters, and more, Tribest products make healthy
living easy.

Worldwide Reputation
Our brands are sold and recognized worldwide. Tribest products have gained a solid
reputation of providing the latest developments in natural health. Our Green Star juice
extractors are reputably the world’s finest juicers, and continue to win numerous international
awards. The Tribest Personal Blender was also the first of its type to enter into
the United States market and has started the emergence of a new kitchen electrics
subcategory – the single serving blender. Tribest continually introduces new products
internationally that deliver uncompromising quality and new levels of performance.

Brief History:
Tribest Corporation founded on July 8, 1988 by Jae K. Choi, in Los Angeles, California.
1990 – Launched the Freshlife® Automatic Sprouter in the United States and Canada.
1994 – Launched the Green Power Gold Juice Extractor, GP-E1503, in the United States and Canada.

1995 – Launched the Green Power Gold Juice Extractor in Germany and expanded into 22 other markets, including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Taiwan – relocated Corporate Headquarters and warehouse facilities to Downey, California.

1998 – Launched the Green Life Juice Extractor, GL-2000i.

1999 – Launched the Wolfgang® Grain Mill in all markets.

2000 – Launched the Freshlife® Model 2000 Automatic Sprouter.
2001 – Relocated corporate headquarters and warehouse facilities to Santa Fe Springs, California.
– Launched the Green Star® Juice Extractor, GS-3000, as a substitute for the Green Life, GL-2000i.

2002 – Launched the Personal Blender®, PB-100 and PB-200.

2003 – Launched the SoloStar® single-auger juice extractor, in March.
– the Green Star Juice Extractor named the number one juicer by Stiftung Warentest, a German review publication comparable to the American publication, Consumer Reports.

2004 – Launched the Purewise® Water Purifier/Distiller.
– Launched the Z-Star® Manual Juicer & the Z-Star Conversion Kit.
– Launched the SoloStar-II Juice Extractor.
– Launched the Citristar® Citrus Juicer.

2005 – Swept the Alive Awards of Excellence in the Equipment Category with Green Star earning Gold, Personal Blender earning Silver, and SoloStar-II earning Bronze

2006 – Launched the Soyabella® Automatic Soymilk Maker and Coffee Grinder.
– Launched the Tribest® Mason Jar Personal Blender, PB-300.
– Launched SunJewels® Organics, a line of organic dried fruits and nuts.

2007 – Soyabella named a finalist in the Housewares Deisgn Awards presented by Homeworld Business and the International Housewares Association.
– Launched the Yolife™ Yogurt Maker and Yolife Yogurt Starter Cultures.
– Launched Choisons™ Ceramic Knives.
– Relocated corporate headquarters and warehouse facilities to current location in Anaheim, CA.
– Swept the Alive Awards of Excellence in the Equipment Category with Green Star earning Gold,
Personal Blender earning Silver, and Soyabella earning Bronze.

2008 – Founded in 1988, Tribest celebrates its 20th year.
– Launched Sproutman’s® Wheatgrass Grower.
– Launched the Apollo™ Personal Blender to mass and specialty channels.

2009 – Launched Greenstar Elite with Jumbo Twin Gear as a renovation for Greenstar Juice Extractor.

2010 – Launched Humio Humidifier.
2011 – Launched Sedona Food Dehydrator.
– Launched Humio Humidifier with aroma oils compartment.

2012 – Extended Greenstar Elite from 5 years to 12 years for all new and existing units.
– Launched Fruitstar, a vertical single-auger juicer for fruits and vegetables.
– Launched Choisons V-Slicer, the first safe standing-mandolin slicer.
– Launched Duet Water Revitalizer, a water magnetizer through vortex action.
– Launched Choisons Procera Ceramic Knives, with new ergonomic design.
– Sedona Rawfood Dehydrator named #1 by ETM Test Magazine, a German based magazine, where the top dehydrators were compared with one another.

2013 – Launched SoloStar3, Single-Auger Juicer.
– Launched Freshlife 3000, Automatic Sprouter.
– Launched Dynablend, Tribest Power Blender with a glass container.
– Launched Sedona Combo, Rawfood Dehydrator with an innovative dual temperature/timer setting.
– Launched Slowstar, Vertical Single-Auger Juicer & Mincer

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