Product type: Cooking & Baking Supplies, Kitchen & Dining Furniture
Supplier type: Manufacturer
Market served: Africa, Mid East, North America, Oceania, South America
Trade show: NA

Tramontina is a Brazilian brand that comes every day in the house of millions of people around the world offering practical product design and quality.

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Tramontina invites you to learn a little bit more about its history as a Brazilian company, since 1911.

Innovation, design, and technology plus, above all, human resources, laid the foundations for building this company. In Tramontina’s view, people are the most important asset. Thus, it lays stakes its reputation on the expertise of its 6,8 thousand strong associate team.

Respect for differences and diversity are the pride and joy of the trademark which is soundly rooted in the most diverse area, and through each one of its 18 thousand products.

The value assigned to social awareness and the respect for the environment are major concerns that dictate the actions of the ten manufacturing units, which are always concerned with the welfare and the quality of life in the surrounding communities.

The brand that has won the hearts of the Brazilians is, today, present in over 120 countries. Regard for the cultural differences in each one of these countries is one of the business principles of Tramontina. In this respect, it blends in-house values with local traditions, which generates a cohesive and harmonious organizational atmosphere in all its units around Brazil and the world.

A company can only reach such a threshold with the support of the associates and partners who share the same goal: customer and consumer satisfaction.

From the beginning of its journey, Tramontina has always relied on personnel and, little by little, has gradually gained confident and settled relevant partnerships that allowed for its growing market share and, above all, has cemented two-way respect relationships.

This is what Tramontina is about. Reliability, principles, partnership and respect, guide all of our business deals, with pro-active yields for the companies involved and also customers and consumers.

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