The Drum Works

The Drum Works

Product type: Electronics Suppliers, Gadgets, Musical Instruments
Supplier type: Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

ROCKETT DRUM WORKS, Inc. constructs 100% American made drums,built at our facility in Southern California by drummers. All of the ROCKETT DRUM WORKS staff are caring, highly skilled drummers and craftsman. We play what we build and we stand by what we build. Our goal is to offer something special to the player who wants something other than the typical "off the rack" drums. Something that makes a statement. Something that reflects you, the player. No matter if you are a rock, punk, jazz or a country artist, ROCKETT DRUM WORKS has drums that will match your playing style.

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Rockett Drum Works, Inc. is an American drum company owned by Rikki Rockett and staffed by drummers who pride themselves in high-quality, ultra-custom drums.

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