Product type: Preschool Toys
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

Teeboo™ is proud to create toys that are ideal for all ages and in full compliance with the stringent U.S., Canadian and European safety standards as they want to insure that the children playing with their toys are kept safe. Teeboo uses third-party, government-approved facilities to test and evaluate all of the toys, ensuring top quality and safety.

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French toy maker Teeboo™ launched its US operations in 2011, based in Los Angeles, CA. The mission of Teeboo is to create exceptional plush toys that are fun and interactive for kids and awaken their sense of nurturing, caring and loving. The quality plush toys are originally designed in Paris, France and made with the finest material.Founder Guillaume Brasseur formed the company in France in 2008 after working two decades in his family-owned toy company originally founded by his father. Brasseur comes from a long line of toy makers who began manufacturing toys since the 1950s. Teeboo’s toy line is available in France at fine retailers including La Grande Récré as well as at some of the largest toy distributors like Auchan. Brasseur launched Teeboo USA with co-founder Anouk Zisa, a toy and entertainment Marketing, Sales & Licensing professional.

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