Sturdy Store Displays

Sturdy Store Displays

Product type: Household Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Sturdy Store Displays, manufacturers of retail showcases and glass displays, and the home of the ever popular Streamline Showcases. We manufacture display cases, glass showcases, jewelry showcases, full vision showcases, trophy cases and wrap counters and cabinetry. We also manufacture high quality pharmacy cabinets and undercounter cabinets, including vial drawers, bottle dispensers, bathroom cabinets and narcotic units.

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Thank you for your interest in our extensive line of beautiful, state-of-the-art, quality display showcases. We are a leading manufacturer of fine showcases, retail displays and the ever popular line of Streamline Showcases.
For close to a decade, Sturdy Store Displays has been serving hundreds of store fixture suppliers all across the United States by providing quality display fixtures at the best prices. We are a major manufacturer of fine millwork and store fixtures for chain stores nationwide. Our clients come to us from a broad spectrum of industries including jewelry stores, gift stores, and optical lines, as well as government agencies, schools, and museums.

Showcases and display fixtures are a very important part of the retail business for all types of stores and warehouses. Our products are an extremely valuable asset in many different ways, from a single showcase in a retail environment, a promotional program for a new item, to a fully custom designed place of business. We suit the needs of both small businesses and mega sized corporations. We are able to accommodate our client’s needs due to our huge selection of showcase displays. We offer a comprehensive variety of styles in everything from showcases, wall cases, counter displays, and much more.

Here at Sturdy Store Displays , selection and quality go hand in hand. We have complete standard showcase lines, glass showcases, jewelry showcases, wrap counters and trophy displays. In addition we have the outstanding lines of Freedom Towers, the Bold Showcase series, and the Basic showcase series.

Our display showcases are manufactured with high quality materials with special attention to each minute detail. We offer standard laminate and veneer finishes, and we can also customize finishes to client’s specifications. We offer a wide range of colors, finishes and lighting options and can design any showcase or display cases imaginable. The aluminum frames can be anodized or powder-coated in a wide variety of finishes and we can use nearly all laminates available on the market today.

Our showcases are available with a multitude of different options and special features such as: halogen lighting and fluorescent lighting, LED showcase lighting, mirrored backs, additional shelving and storage space, and security locking systems. All of our showcases are designed and manufactured with our state-of-the-art equipment to insure accuracy and precision. Our operations use hi-tech machinery for quick turn-around and rollback programs. We also have the facilities to manufacture custom showcases and wood showcases to your specific designs and applications. Furthermore, we offer our dealers custom showcase design services to help their customers lay out their store. This serves as a tremendous tool to quicken sales.

Our headquarters are located in Brooklyn, New York. The administration, marketing, design and manufacturing departments are all housed at the same location. This offers a tremendous advantage to our customers; ensuring that all the departments involved in their projects are able to coordinate their work easily. Our customers are therefore reassured that their glass showcase or glass display case project will be designed and manufactured to their exact specifications.

Satisfaction with our products is guaranteed! All our showcases are delivered ready to be plugged in, with optional UL approval. Meticulous attention is given as a customer service and specialists are available to help with any questions and design needs.

Sturdy Store Displays will work with store fixture suppliers and showcase distributors to be competitive in quality and price combined, as well as lead-time and drop shipments.

STURDY STORE DISPLAYS prides itself in every detail of our work, from the superb mechanical parts to our impressive customer service. We have a huge percentage of repeat customers who uphold our fine reputation in the business. We welcome you to contact us for any additional information about your needs. We will be happy to set up a private consultation with your company in order to best serve your needs.

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