Stuff 4 Multiples

Product type: Baby & Child Care, Child Safety, Nursery Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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Stuff 4 Multiples was founded in 2009 to help parents of multiples manage the tasks associated with raising multiple children at once. It started with a small t-shirt line with witty sayings for twins and triplets, and quickly grew into the online giant it is today. The goal was to bring many product lines on board, and create an all-enccompassing shopping hub for families with multiples. We currently produce and/or sell over 1800 products ranging from twin baby carriers to nursery furniture to small twin baby shower gifts for both parents and children.

Later in 2009, Stuff 4 Multiples created their first product; the TwinTrexx twin baby carrier. This unique carrier became the standard favorite for carrying two children at once; in the front, back or one on each. The beauty of the TwinTrexx twin carrier is that it separates into two single carriers to share the load with a partner, relative or friend. After months of tweaking the original, the TwinTrexx 2 arrived in 2011 with upgraded features and a sleek black color. Coincidentally, the original TwinTrexx twin carrier appears in an episode of the Showtime series “Shameless,” and more recently, the TwinTrexx 2 twin carrier made a cameo in the movie “Horrible Bosses 2.”

In 2014, after years of research and design, Stuff 4 Multiples proudly debuted the Twingaroo twin baby carrier-the first all in one double carrier and diaper bag combination. This carrier combined style and design to not only free up the shoulders by leaving your diaper bag at home, but also brought with it an ergonomic design that is raved about by babywearers worldwide. It is currently available in black and khaki, and has quickly become Stuff 4 Multiples’ top selling item. In early 2015, the Twingaroo twin baby carrier was awarded the prestigious Cribsie Academy Star Award!

Currently, Stuff 4 Multiples itself manufactures these carriers, a line of jewelry for mothers of multiples, a twin and triplet diaper bag (Twinneroo), a twin baby journal for tracking twin activities (feedings, medicine doses etc.), and the Duo Twin Float for keeping twins together (and happy) in the swimming pool. We are constantly researching new products to bring to market that simplify the lives of parent of multiples everywhere. We take pride in knowing that our ideas and products allow for families to spend more time enjoying life, and less time working to reach that point. We also ship our products worldwide, and take extreme pride in our relentless customer service.