Product type: Party & Festive Supplies
Supplier type: Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

In November 2012, the iconic brand behind the first Canned Heat in America, and trusted portable fire provider for over 100 years, was acquired by the leading innovator of Wick Chafing Fuels and hundreds of creative lighting solutions to establish the SternoCandleLamp™ brand.

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TRUST Earned through our promise to be truthful, reliable, consistent and responsive at every turn.
INNOVATION In product development, technology and style for the portable food
heating and ambient lighting marketplace.
VALUE The real value of the products we sell – plus the added value of every
enhancement we deliver.
SERVICE Backed by years of experience and extraordinary dedication –
and commitment to excellence.
CONNECTION From all personal touchpoints to user-friendly website, informative
videos, engaging Social Media sites and helpful apps.
SternoCandleLamp, the result of the successful integration of 119-year-old Sterno and 30-year-old Candle Lamp, is the trusted provider of portable food warming and creative lighting solutions for the foodservice industry. Fueled by imagination and a genuine passion for environmentally friendly product innovation, unrivaled value, and extraordinary customer service, SternoCandleLamps product line includes wick and gel chafing fuels, butane stoves and accessories, more than 200 lamps, catering equipment, and liquid, traditional wax and flameless candles.
February 18, 2015—Corona, California—SternoCandleLamp™ announced that on February 18, 2015, it entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Vancouver-based Northern International, Inc., manufacturer of the best-selling Candle Impressions® line of Flameless Candles. The agreement between the two companies will provide the U.S. and Canadian foodservice industry with the most comprehensive and innovative line of flameless.

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