Product type: Chairs & Seatings
Supplier type: Drop Shipper
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

The Stand2Learn Desk is a budget-friendly way to get students periodically standing throughout the day, which has been proven to improve students' health and attention by increasing blood flow and improving brain activity, cutting down on interruptions and distractions throughout the school day. With two different models for K-4th grade and 5th-16th, each featuring quick desk height adjustment and a dual-height footrest, it's easy to find the appropriate ergonomic position, sitting or standing, for almost any user. Stand2Learn Desks feature a large, durable activity surface that is slightly angled to enhance reading and writing, with gently-contoured edges that ensures both the safety and comfort of students throughout the day.

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PositiveMotion, LLC was formed in 2008 as a cooperative faculty startup by Mark Benden PhD, CPE and Eric Wilke MD. As faculty members of the Texas A&M Health Science Center they were constantly striving for interventions that could lead to significant breakthroughs and were seeking an outlet for some of their more commercially valuable ideas. One of those research areas was stand-biased workstations which had been a priority in adult office projects for Dr. Benden since 2001. His work in this area led to an interest in improving workstations for children in school. Stand2Learn was the natural offshoot of this initial startup effort and in the fall of 2011, PositiveMotion, LLC received an SBIR grant to fund the development of the Stand2Learn Intellectual property portfolio. This funding and the combined commercial interest in the product launched Stand2Learn as its own brand under the PositiveMotion, LLC corporate structure.

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