St. Pierre

St. Pierre

Product type: Bedroom Furniture, Home Accents, Home Office Furniture, Other Outdoor Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

From the second floor of my in-laws' barn in Westminster, VT (1989), to my newest "dream shop" in Floyd County, VA, my family has grown, persevered through hard times, and thrived. My family, and my love for creating unique and beautiful pieces of furniture, are sources of motivation toward the future.

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In ’89, I had just the basic tools and a love for building furniture. My first renovation project was an old fruit stand that was falling down — an “eye sore” for the residents of Westminster. I asked the owner if I could fix it up, at my cost, and then rent the building from him. I remodeled the building and brought it back to its natural look. The people of the town were really excited about my work. The building “with trees growing through the roof and trash all around” was finally back and a part of the town. Unfortunately, after all the hard work and expense, a retail business was not allowed there in the village of Westminster. This was the first of many setbacks; some other misfortunes followed, but our family and my heart for crafting lovely furniture endured.

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