Sprout Shell

Product type: Baby & Child Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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We’re so glad you’re here, and we hope to get to know you better. As for introductions, I guess we’ll go first.

Why Us?

Hi! I’m Kirsten, and and nowadays I’m a “seasoned” mom of 3. But, when I was pregnant with my first child I did a lot of research, but didn’t rush out to buy every product marketed to babies. I hated clutter and was determined to keep things simple. Plus, in general I’m a very practical practical person. I like things to work, look good, and be a great value.

But there was one thing I knew I couldn’t live without. A car seat cover. The thought of my baby being so little and new and totally exposed to the world just gave me the chills. I’d had enough friends who had babies that I knew using a blanket wasn’t an option. I’m sure you’ve seen it. They make your hand all slippy on the handle, and they’re constantly falling off or blowing in the wind. No thank you.

Then, I remembered the cover my mom made for my sister like 10 years before. (Yes, there’s a big age gap!) It had everything I was looking for–a hole in the top so my hand wouldn’t slip, and elastic on the bottom so it wouldn’t fall off or blow around.
So, I called her up and requested one. She was happy to do it–and had an even better idea. Why not help other new moms too? That’s when Sprout Shell was born.

And, I’ll tell you a little “secret.” When we introduced Sprout Shell, it was solely as an infant car seat cover. It was only as I used mine with my son out running errands, and he got older that I realized it had so many other uses too. I seriously grew to love it even more!

Something else I REALLY love? Like, in my real life and everything? Helping people. And I really believe that we created a product that does that. It lasts a long time and reduces the amount of “stuff” you have to cart around.

You can feel good about taking your precious baby out into the world nestled snugly under the Sprout Shell Cover. It keeps out the cold and wind, blocks the sun and stays on snugly so you don’t have to worry about chasing it through the parking lot. It also protects against germs on shopping carts and high chairs to help you and Baby stay more healthy.

We are very mindful of our impact on the environment and do our best to reduce waste whenever possible. Our products are made in the USA, of natural fibers. We even have Organic Cotton too!