Product type: Baby & Child Care, Nursery Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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We’re so glad to have you on our site. We are a family owned and operated manufacturer of modern kids furniture. Everything is made in Louisville, KY and we are very proud of the Made in America label. Carmen (that’s her in the image to the right) and I started Sodura after being in the import business for many years and we basically thought it would be really cool to create a brand that had a quaint feel that you could trust and do it all here in the US. There seems to be a resurgence coming to the US of cottage manufacturers and we hope to be on the front end of that.

The Beginning

Sodura was established in January of 2011, and our goal, in short, is to provide functional, modern furniture that a normal person can buy, and to do it in the US. We are parents, just like you, and we want furniture for the nursery that has style, but can still go into the same room as that changing station that our grandmother gave to us. In other words, to be modern and have style doesn’t mean that it looks like it was made for the Jetson’s, and it also doesn’t mean that it was designed for a Disney set. You’ll see in this website, that our furniture is practical and functional and of the highest quality available.

We do some things by hand, but in large part, what we build, we do it with CNC routers and computer controlled machines. What that means is that our quality and repeatability will far exceed any imported product on the market, which are largely built with rudimentary methods. We have designed our manufacturing facility to be able to run a high mix of product with very little setup needed, so that we can react quickly to the changing customer needs. For you, a buyer, that means that we’ll always have the newest designs and colors available, and we won’t try to hawk some old stale piece of furniture that we don’t really like anymore, but have a bunch of inventory that we imported a year ago and are forced to keep selling.

We use eco-friendly products in all of our furniture, so you won’t find any lead based paint in our product. We use all water-based finishes, so they are low VOC, non-flammable and non-toxic. In fact our finishes are arguably the most environmentally friendly on the market. Check out our blog post about environmentally friendly furniture. Our wood is formaldehyde free and so is our glue, which means there won’t be any harmful fumes coming from our product over time.