Product type: Pet Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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SmartScoop Self-Scooping Litter Box was developed to control litter box odor, allow pet parents to break free from the chore of scooping daily and provide a clean area for cats. Scooping up waste on a daily basis is crucial to a healthy environment but also the most time consuming and foul task. And for moms to-be, handling litter waste is also dangerous. Self-cleaning litter boxes already on the market were plagued with operational issues – they broke down frequently or simply just didn’t perform as expected. So we set out to create a litter box that works, is easy to use, sanitary and eliminates odor. Thousands of hours were spent researching litter boxes, cat behavior and pet parent needs to determine the best solution for an odor-free, scooping-free litter box. Our team of design engineers created an elegantly simple litter box that is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. All of SmartScoop’s moving parts and wiring is contained in the motor unit where they are not exposed to the hostile environment of the litter box. Since liquids cannot reach the wiring and litter cannot get stuck in any moving parts, SmartScoop is much more reliable than “the other” litter boxes. Since SmartScoop’s first launch in 2008, our team has been listening diligently to consumer feedback. We are proud to report our design engineer team spent three years focused on continuous improvements; we’ve tweaked, polished and tested SmartScoop. To prove to ourselves that we succeeded in creating the best automatic litter box, we hired an independent lab to compare SmartScoop to the leading competitor! The results are in – SmartScoop wastes less clean litter, is quieter and picks up more waste than the leading competitor. In 2011, we sent the improved SmartScoop out into the marketplace with even more value than ever – each litter box comes with everything you need for 6 months! SmartScoop makes your life easier so you can spend more time with your cat and less time with the box!