Simply Dump It

Simply Dump It

Product type: Garden Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Mel says, “Every person we demonstrated them to, and let use them, wanted to know where they could buy a pair. The enthusiasm those people have for the Simply Dump It keeps fanning our flame of excitement.”

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“One day, while pouring concrete, I had a full load in the wheelbarrow. As I went to dump the load into the forms I lost control while changing handgrip positions and spilled the load on the ground instead of into the forms where it should have been. The whole load was wasted. That evening I was thinking that there must be a way to prevent a load from shifting and getting away from me.”“As I slept that night I was ‘given a dream’ of a product that could attach to my wheelbarrow handles. I woke and began fashioning a cardboard model of the Simply Dump It. By 3 AM my idea was in hand.”In the morning Mel went to a metal fabrication shop and had a prototype made from the cardboard model. He brought them home and put them on to one of the wheelbarrows and began using them. They worked perfectly.

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