Satsuma Designs LLC

Satsuma Designs LLC

Product type: Baby & Child Care, Baby Boys Clothing, Baby Girls Clothing
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Satsuma Designs creates baby gifts and gear that make caring for kids as easy as child's play!

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Welcome. Here you’ll find gifts, gear, tips and tricks that help make caring for kids as easy as child’s play!
At Satsuma Designs we love babies! It’s why we do what we do. Every design in our collection, business decision, daily detail and inspiration comes from our mission to create cozy, all natural and useful products for the people who care for and comfort little ones.satsuma designs jennifer porter
My dream for Satsuma Designs is to have a company that thrives on serving families and expecting families with products that help make caring for kids easier, natural and fun. I want to communicate that life with baby may be more spit-ups than soft cuddly clouds, but it’s the most exciting, rewarding and love-filled way to live a fulfilling life.

I want Satsuma Designs to be made in Seattle by a local team that contributes to our community and economy. I want to donate a bottle of formula to a hungry baby with every purchase.
I want parents and care givers to know that it’s both okay and fun to be messy with baby and that though there may not be a Parents’ Handbook, there is a way to parent right and that’s with love, integrity and joy.
Babies and their loving families are what prompted the launch of the Natural Maker Mom blog, found at the link above. Written by me, first draft typos and all, our team set out to create a place where readers will find quick and crafty solutions for the busy, happy family. As a parent and worker bee, I’m obsessed with efficiency, but also love the creative tools and delicious things that make life sweet. My goal is to offer easy and affordable ideas and solutions to many of family life’s little challenges to help make things a bit less stressful and more relaxed. I’m not a licensed counselor, but if your baby nesting has reached a new level and you need an eco-chic nursery tonight(!), a wash cloth rose bud bouquet or moist green chili cornbread, look no further, friends.

Most of all, enjoy!

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