Samantha Grace Designs

Samantha Grace Designs

Product type: Baby & Child Care, Baby's bag
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

We design and manufacture home accents, fashion accessories and gifts. Through the use of textiles, we create functional items with an overall fun feeling.

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Samantha Grace Designs opened officially in the summer of 2006. That is when I quit my day job, a momentous occassion let me tell you! Since that start, we have been developing new products, figuring out better manufacturing methods and finding U.S.A. based raw materials for our goods. Our top mission is simple – provide superb quality with as much american made raw materials and labor as physically possible. Mission impossible it is not but mission difficult it is. Due to the demands we put on ourselves, our products tend to be higher priced than our competition but we can genuinely say Made in the U.S.A. plus we can feel proud of our quality as we close the box we ship out the door. We strive to WOW! We want to give our customers an experience rather than a purchase. I love when I give someone one of our creations and they “do a little dance”. That is awesome and that is what we seek.

To give you a little background on the why this company is the way it is I will elaborate a bit on my life experience. I started sewing when I was about 6 years old. My mom had a sewing club she met with once a week. I would go with her and absolutely loved creating whatever they would introduce that week. She bought me a sewing machine – the kind with metal parts not plastic – YEAH – and I went to work. Throughout my childhood I would tinker with sewing. At different stages of life, different products. Always based on what was going on in my life. Clothes for dolls when I was young, handbags in my teens, a prom dress during my senior year, tablecloths, placemats and pillows for my first apartment, curtains and bedding for our first house, baby things when we had children.

After our second child was born I started getting an itch to spend more time with my creative side. At the time I was working at a family business that I had been with since I graduated college. I had started administratively using my accounting degree and had moved up to the point where I was president of the firm. It had been a great ride but several things were pulling me in different directions. I wanted to spend more time with my small children which was hard to do with the demands of my career. The other pull was my creative side. I didn’t really get to use that much at my job anymore as I spent most of my time at a desk. My amazing husband and family supported me, loved my ideas and encouraged me to pursue turning my sewing hobby into a business.

The creative part of this whole venture has been a blessing. An opportunity for me to do what I love every day. How truly amazing is that?! When I started, I did not want this business to grow fast because I wanted everything to stay manageable. I read an article recently that described my business to a “T” and called it a lifestyle business. I have two children that deserve attention and I love to spend time in the kitchen to create (hence the food names for the fabrics). However, it is time now and I am ready to step it up a notch. Embarking on the incredible ride of building a proper website and offering our products online is exciting and will launch us in that “up a notch” direction.

As you peruse the site, you will see all the aspects of my life experience in the items presented from baby things to household items to travel must-haves. We have even ventured recently into an eco-friendly cleaning line – so exciting. We will continue to explore new avenues as we grow. Our “mission difficult” will remain difficult and we will keep adding more strenuous tasks as we conquer. We are hoping to go as eco-friendly as we possibly can over the next year and would like to add organic materials to our line. Each month new items will be added and new challenges licked. Check back often and sign in as a user so we can send you newsletters when we have sales and special promotions. We look forward to having you become a customer so we can try to WOW you. I want to see you “do a little dance”!

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