Product type: Home Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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A few years after founding the irrigation product representation firm Welty, Inc., Russ Welte realized that market lacked an efficient inline screen filter to remove sediments from water lines. Frustrated with the reluctance of the water filtration industry to provide this solution, Russ took it upon himself to create an inline filter that would be both cost-efficient, and highly effective. Russ’ efforts were a success, and in late 1983, Rusco was born.Initially the product was developed and distributed throughout the state of Florida, known for its difficult sediment problems. Word of the Rusco filters’ exemplary performance spread and over the next five years, Rusco filters came to be distributed and installed in nearly every state in America.As Rusco grew into new markets and encountered challenging new applications, we continually found ways to improve our products, and save our customers money. The result is a series of innovations that cemented Rusco’s status as an industry leader in screen type sediment filtration.In 1986, we invented Rusco’s trademark Spin-Down feature, creating a cyclonic motion within the filter that allowed for more efficient filtration and less clogging. In 1988, we debuted the sediment trapper model, highly functional in removing large volumes of sand and other sediments from the water supply. 1995 saw the introduction of our chemical resistant filter, in response to the needs of customers using reclaimed water or other applications in which corrosive chemicals could damage standard filters. Shortly thereafter, in 1997, Rusco introduced the Hot Water Spin-Down filter. Building on the success of the chemical resistant model, the Hot Water model featured industrial grade materials allowing for previously unknown levels of heat and chemical tolerance. In 2002, seeking a way to automate the flushing of sediments, we designed the Rusco Automatic Flush Valve, giving the customers a new level of convenience.