Rinse Ace

Rinse Ace

Product type: Pet Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

RINSE ACE Power Sprayer system, was born in September, 1993, at the home of company founders John and Patty Mueller. John asked Patty to clean the small shower stall in their home. Since John has always been the bathroom cleaner in the relationship, Patty’s idea of cleaning the shower consisted of unloading the bottle of Tilex on every surface and letting it eat away the crud! After experiencing a few chemical burns on the bottom of his feet, John knew there needed to be a better way to clean shower stalls.

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John knew a hand-held shower could easily rinse the walls, but he hated the look of the clunky apparatus hanging there all the time. He wanted a permanently installed shower connector on the shower arm that would allow him to snap on (or “quick-connect”) a hose with a sprayer only when he needed and then permit the hose to snap off and store it away when not in use. AND he didn’t want to take his showerhead on and off every time! After checking the marketplace and asking others, It soon became clear that this was a universal problem and everyone agreed John’s idea was a good one. Fast forward through market research, engineering, product development and patent filings and RINSE ACE® Power Sprayer™ system became a reality beginning n July of 1995 in catalogs and retail. Next, Power Sprayer began appearing in catalogs and stores. Hotels and healthcare facilities then began experiencing cleaner showers, thanks to a RINSE ACE® Shower Connector in every room and a hose/sprayer on each housekeeping cart. Shortly thereafter, John added a shower head along with the shower connector to his patent application and that’s how the RINSE ACE® 2-IN-1 SHOWERHEAD® and 2-in-1 Convertible Showerhead™ were born. While RINSE ACE® Power Sprayer system was invented to clean the shower, other uses became apparent. It was also great for rinsing legs while shaving, washing children’s hair, rinsing mini blinds, and bathing family pets. Most pet owners who bought RINSE ACE® Power Sprayer early on were completely satisfied with it because it outperformed the slip-on faucet sprayers or cups and buckets they were using. Their only suggestion was to make the hose longer and add a “groomer style” shower hose. RINSE ACE® Pet Shower Deluxe was introduced in 1998. Perfect for children wanting to be a “big kid and yet not getting shampoo or water in their eyes, ” MY OWN SHOWER® Children’s Showerhead makes the transition from baths to showers more fun with a “just-their-size” shower head! MY OWN SHOWER® Showerhead has been on the market since 1999. There people who didn’t want to wash their dogs in their bathtub or shower stall with the RINSE ACE® Pet Shower Deluxe. Smaller dogs could be washed in the laundry tub, larger dogs over the basement floor drain and any dog could be bathed outdoors with access to a spigot. RINSE ACE® Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer, with a patented quick-connect faucet aerator, was introduced in 2000. In 2010, brought the introduction of two new sprayers with variable flow and on/off toggle switch which made them easier to use. SNAP N SPRAY® System features a single, full coverage spray on a 6’ foot detachable hose and is found in the showerhead department at home centers. 3-Way Pet Shower Sprayer and 3-Way Pet Faucet Sprayer feature three setting sprayer on an 8’ foot detachable hose and are found in pet specialty stores near dog shampoos. Bath time was now easier and more enjoyable for our four legged babies, so it seemed a logical progression to bring our patented rinsing technology to infants and toddlers “officially”. We knew parents, grandparents and child care providers were using our RINSE ACE® Power Sprayer (or even Pet Shower Deluxe) to easily bathe small children, but with the recently introduced variable flow, on/off sprayers we knew we could offer a better alternative. In 2011, we introduced RINSE ACE® Deluxe Sink Baby Rinser and Deluxe Tub & Shower Baby & Toddler Rinser

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