Radiant Saunas

Product type: Bathroom Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

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Today we’re exposed to chemicals and heavy metals in our air, water, and food in unprecedented amounts. The EPA estimates there are more than 20,000 chemicals that our bodies can’t metabolize. PCB’s, dioxins, furans, heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, xylene, ethyl benzene, and phthalates are just some of the toxins that are accumulating in our bodies. Studies show that most of us have between 400 and 800 chemical residues stored in our fat cells. These chemicals and heavy metals add to our “toxic load,” often reaching a point where this bioaccumulation seriously compromises our health and leads to chronic disease. I had my ‘silver’ amalgams removed (actually 50% mercury content) from my teeth by a dentist that specialized in that process. Be very careful if you go this route – having them removed incorrectly can increase the mercury levels in other parts of your body. Taking 5 grams of activated charcoal 30 minutes before your dental work and 5 grams right after will minimize your uptake of any mercury that is released.