Product type: Phones
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Wholesaler
Market served: North America, South America
Trade show: NA

PowerMax is a great resource for the business owner or corporate employee who is looking for the perfect place to procure Apple-related hardware and software at the right price... and with the service and support you need.

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Did you know that most e-commerce companies rate their phone personnel on how many customers they can deal with in an hour… with the more the better? Indeed, with many of today’s e-commerce companies, just finding a real human being to communicate with is about as easy as getting an audience with the Pope.

PowerMax offers the opposite of that. We make friends with our customers. We might end up talking to you about your weather, your kids or grandkids, what you do for a living, and of course what you want to accomplish with technology. You can always order online with us. But if you really want to see what makes PowerMax different, give us a call.

We have two other big differentiators. The first is that we’re the only Apple-authorized e-commerce site that specializes in both new and used Macs, iPads, iPhones and iPods. Sometimes you just want to replace your computer with the same model to avoid all the hassles and costs that come with upgrading. Sometimes you only want to spend less than what a new one costs. And sometimes a used Mac is simply plenty enough to do the job.

We’re also pioneers in taking trade-ins, the popularity of which fuels the largest variety of used Apple gear you’ll find anywhere. People know us as the place to go for just about any Mac that can still work today. Since we’ve been doing it so long, and since Apple’s focus is always on new stuff, we’re pretty much the best experts out there on legacy Apple products, which isn’t to say we also don’t know our stuff with the latest and greatest as well.

The second big differentiator is simply our attitude. If you get on our email list, you won’t be pummeled with non-stop “sale” offers, instead, you’ll see some marketing emails unlike anything else you will see from anyone else. We like to have fun, so we lace our messages with a bit of humor, and we’re even unafraid to poke a stick at social topics, even if it gets us in trouble with a few people once in a while. We’ve even had some fun with the commercialization of Christmas and failed end-of-the-world predictions. Heck, way back when, we were the first (and only) reseller to publicly call the lime-colored iBook “ugly.”

We calls it likes we sees ‘em, with an attitude of fun, honesty, and most of all, loyalty to and appreciation of our clients.

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