Product type: Arts & Crafts, Cooking Appliance, Kitchen Appliance
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: Mid East, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

For over 140 years PIRAL produces in Albisola unmistakable fire-pots of earth, so that in time its name is going to identify with this unique kitchen tool.

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For over 140 years PIRAL produces in Albisola unmistakable fire-pots of earth, so that in time its name is going to identify with this unique kitchen tool. Who says PIRAL says earthen pots. PIRAL roots in the centuries when the first expert hands turned the clay into “art” objects useful to human life. No machine may compete with the skills with which the artisans’ hands of Albisola, keepers of secrets handed down to them, shape unique and inimitable objects. In Albisola PIRAL grows up untill today, bringing its tradition over the Alps and overseas. Proud and aware, thanks to its dough recipes and the attention to detail of its products .And it is precisely the constant attention to details that make the difference and allowed PIRAL to reach an excellence quality. Shaped with technical expertise, hand finished and printed one by one with the unmistakable mark, each product PIRAL is similar, but not the same. That is why our customers can be proud to have the own “unique piece” of the traditional Albisolese craft. That’s what means for Piral the real Made in Italy.


The PIRAL dishes are ecological, because are made with natural raw material, the best clay d ‘Italy, purified and refined. Even the raw materials used in glazes are certified and in accordance with the most stringent laws.
The Piral products are absolutely suitable for contact with food, even at high temperatures, because they does not yield substances that might affect the wholesomeness with unwanted and unpleasant tastes and odors.
PIRAL wants to protect you with its products and to direct you towards a healthy diet. Thanks to the technological secrets, the ancient Mediterranean tradition is respected in accordance with the rules of the modern food science.
Piral Products allows an equal distribution of heat , savings fuel and time, avoiding those temperature variations that are often the main cause of the failure of some recipes.
Perfect for the growing desire for a healthy and light supply, as they require minimal use of fats.
Guarantee excellent results thanks to their ability to keep the food warm at the table allowing you to take it directly into the pots in which it was cooked.
Piral’s terracotta has multiple operating conditions: it can be used directly over the fire, in traditional ovens and in the modern microwaves, then it can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Design new modern types of products derived from constant monitoring of emerging food habits. Make proposals with a distinctive personality with unique value-added products customized to the specific needs of customers. Reinterpreting the great technical heritage of the company to devise new forms adapting the tradition to the scientific innovation . Searching for new composite materials, energy savings, ease of use and attention to evolving methods of cooking are the criteria inspiring of Piral . Food researchers, young chefs, young designers and experts in new technologies are part of the new team which is building and “drawing” the future of Piral.

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