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The Paper Flow® System was created by MaryAnne Bennie. She is the director of in8 home office life and organising and has been a professional organiser since 2002. The Paper Flow® System is based on years of research, has been tested on thousands of people, and is universally adaptable to any person or business based on individual situations and needs.

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The Paper Flow Story

Prior to becoming a professional organiser, MaryAnne Bennie was a Senior Lecturer at a RMIT University. During her time there, MaryAnne was responsible for establishing a new Degree Program. When asking new students what they hoped to achieve at the end of the degree, the most common response was “I’m not sure”. In general, students seemed uncertain about their direction in life.

While working with thousands of students over the years, MaryAnne also observed that the most common factor associated with academic success was not being the smartest, most attractive or wealthiest student, but rather being the most organised. The organised students consistently did better! They were the quiet achievers.

Determined to make a difference in students’ lives, MaryAnne introduced monthly motivation sessions where students could listen to guest speakers and learn new skills. In preparation for these sessions MaryAnne googled “organising” and saw that there was a whole industry dedicated to this area of people’s lives.

And that was the moment the light bulb went off. Stress is a huge factor in everyone’s lives (not just students) and being organised may be the most important skill on the planet! From that moment, organising became MaryAnne’s passion.

The Paper Flow® System is the result of many years of researching different systems and working with numerous clients’ organising needs. The Paper Flow® System has been tried and tested with thousands of people, and is considered to be the best of the best.
Once created, MaryAnne initially introduced the Paper Flow® System to the world though herin8 home office life organising business. The amazing success of this easy to use system resulted in MaryAnne presenting her Paper

Flow workshops in kikki-K stores between 2002 and 2010, as well as for many other organisations all around Australia.

In 2009, together with Brigitte Hinneberg, MaryAnne wrote Paper Flow the ultimate guide to making paperwork easy. This best selling, self published book explains the fundamentals of the Paper Flow System and allows anyone to implement it with ease. The Paper Flow book now has its very own website where you can download the 28 day challenge and free templates. From 1 June 2011 the book will be published by Wiley Publishing and will go international.

The Paper Flow® System is universal and can be adapted to meet each individual’s circumstances and situations. The Paper Flow® System is forever evolving and MaryAnne is continually developing products, tools and recommendations.

The story continues, so make sure you check back with us regularly to find out the latest news and be the first to hear about exciting developments that are coming your way.

Whilst you are here, remember to follow our BLOG where you can read personal updates from MaryAnne.

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