Ozark River Portable Sinks

Product type: Chemicals & Cleaning Products, Kitchen & Utilities Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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The timestamp on this image indicates how long Ozark River Portable Sinks® have been improving lives, every day. The image captured our first portable sink being prepared to be put onto a delivery truck to a Canadian hospital. From that moment until today our portable hot water hand sinks have been providing a convenient solution to improve personal hygiene and the ability to comply with state and local hand wash codes. Our everlasting commitment to provide a top quality product that is essential to maximizing safety is why Ozark River® is the world’s foremost portable sink manufacturer today. This is what we do. In fact, it’s all we do. Which is why there’s nobody better when it comes to portable, hot water hand sinks.

Our 28,000 sq. ft. portable sink manufacturing facility might be tucked away on the pristine Ozark Plateau in Salem, Missouri, but you can hear the echo of our impact throughout the USA. From restaurants and food service businesses that gain new convenience and opportunities as a result of our Ozark River Portable Sinks®, to educators and daycare centers that have healthier students and fewer absentees, to businesses that are now in hand wash code compliance due to implementing our portable sinks – this is why we take great pride in every portable hand sink we manufacture.

At Ozark River Portable Sinks®, our attention to quality is as pure as the hot water we dispense. All of our portable hand sinks feature instant hot water technology and convenient quick connect tanks. Without the expense of plumbing, gain the hygiene benefits of instant hot water both indoors and out.

There’s a reason our portable hand sinks continue to win awards. More than their convenience of having instant hot water anytime and anywhere. More than the hygiene and safety benefits our portable hand sinks offer. More than their cost- and time-savings benefits. Ozark River Portable Sinks® are a testament to world-class engineering and craftsmanship featured in an attractive cabinet.

While we are proud of the awards we’ve won and the NSF certification for our patented portable hot water sinks, we are even more gratified that Ozark River Portable Sinks® are endorsed by multiple industries, as well as, health and safety agencies throughout the country as the nation’s premier portable hand sink. Yet, none of these accomplishments compare with us doing our part in keeping business doors open and keeping many customers happy and healthy by meeting today’s strict and ever-changing hand washing code requirements.