Product type: Personal Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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Nice-Pak was founded over fifty years ago. We had a vision that pre-moistened wipes could become the optimum dispensing system for liquids across a broad spectrum of applications including cleaning, sanitization, healthcare, cosmetics and personal hygiene. Driven by a commitment to research, quality, innovation and service, Nice-Pak has pioneered the development of wet wipe products and markets globally. Through our Consumer, Institutional, Healthcare and Contract Divisions, we supply superior, leading-edge products to every class of trade. We strive to build mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers and our vendors based on the following principles: Create and deliver superior products at competitive prices to the marketplace on a timely basis.
Be the low-cost producer of products for our marketplace without sacrificing quality. Exceed our internal and external customers’ expectations professionally and properly every time to protect and enhance these relationships. Attract and develop outstanding individuals who are committed to achieving our corporate goals in a team environment. Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers. Actively support the local communities in which we operate. In summary, we have led the explosive growth of the pre-moistened wipe market by designing, manufacturing, delivering and marketing the optimum products at price points necessary to drive usage across all the markets we serve.