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About Natural Learning Concepts

Jene Aviram and Jocelyn Blum founded Natural Learning Concepts in 2003. Jene was born and raised in South Africa and has a background in Computer Network Engineering. When her son and later her nephew were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, her passion became autism. With a driving force, she became determined to teach her son to communicate. Along the way, she discovered how remarkable people with autism are and how much we can learn from each other.

Jocelyn Blum is also from South Africa. She has extensive qualifications in the field of Human resources. With two grandsons on the autism spectrum, Jocelyn too been personally affected. Jocelyn is filled with talent and energy and her driving force to help people with autism is unstoppable.

How we began

When Jene’s son was diagnosed with pdd nos – Aspergers, Jene was determined to help him communicate. She found she needed learning materials that were just not available, so she started making her own. The materials proved to be so effective that soon she was giving them away and making new ones at a fast pace. It didn’t take long before parents and professionals were calling with product requests and thus, Natural Learning Concepts was born. As the company grew, so did their vision. NL Concept’s commitment to people with autism transpired into an inspirational corner on the website. People come and give each other hope, encouragement and share a positive outlook on autism. With Natural Learning Concepts total dedication, it came as no surprise when the Autism job placement service was launched, a vital and exciting new resource to assist people on the autism spectrum in finding employment.

What you can do

You’re already doing it! That’s why you’re reading this. Thank you for taking a stand for those with autism. We encourage you to spread the word about how remarkable people with autism are. Let them read for themselves how extraordinary this population is. Post a “remarkability” or memorable moment on our website. Your experiences inspire others and help them on their journey. If you have a job to give someone with autism, please do. If you don’t, think again. Need a babysitter, tutor or handyman? People with autism are diverse and have many skills. Refer the NLC Autism Job Service to everyone you know. By doing so, you make a difference and join us in improving the lives of many.

How we can help you

We have developed and continue to expand a range of learning materials to help children engage in and enjoy social interactions with family, friends and others in their environment. We want everyone to succeed and we always welcome suggestions. Let us know what would make a difference for you. We take every request seriously. We are also here to uplift your day. Visit our website and read the section on the Greatness of Autism. If you need assistance on the autism job service, we urge you to contact us. If you need an ear, we can be that too. You are always welcome to call us at (800) 823-3430 or e-mail us.


People with autism have a unique way of communicating but that doesn’t mean it’s
wrong. It means it’s different. Many are capable of such a diverse range of exceptional abilities. If we focused on building their natural talents more actively we might find that the amount we can learn from them is staggering. What an exciting possibility that we have just as much to learn from them as we do to teach them. Because people with autism have such a different way of thinking and being, they can contribute greatly to us and to how we view life. On a broader or global scale, imagine creating a world where society views people with autism for who they are different to us, but absolutely remarkable!

Products and Services

Materials to teach children

Our goal is to increase language and communication of skills of children who fall on the autistic spectrum or have development delays while showing them how much fun it is to do so. Our materials are created to be appealing and motivating to people with autism. Natural Learning Concepts understands there are many levels of communication. Materials that students relate to are created to achieve mastery in language and social skills. We will always aspire for greatness in those with autism. We make sure that our materials are top quality and equally enjoyed by educators as well as those on the autism spectrum.

The creation of our materials

NL Concepts consult with a team of parents and professionals for product development but never forget the most important team members – children with autism. Children with autism test each and every product before they go into production. Items are modified as many times as necessary until they are proven as a motivating and effective method of helping children with autism learn.

Autism job placement for adults

Did you know?

People on the autism spectrum have phenomenal skills. Their brains function differently to ours and they are capable of such a diverse range of exceptional abilities. It’s incredible how many talents they have that we could never have the capacity to tap into. Some are able to calculate the square footage of a room instantly, just by looking at it, others are math wizards and others have incredible memories. Given a supportive environment, they can contribute to the work force in ways we never dreamed possible. Autism job placement This service provides employers with an opportunity to hire people on the autism spectrum. Employers receive a tax credit if the employee receives financial aid. If the employee doesn’t receive financial assistance, the company receives great benefits from a valuable employee with a unique perspective. There is no charge for this service. It has simply been created to benefit employers and people with autism.

Good reasons to hire people with autism

Many have the ability to focus intently on projects. Others are very detailed and excel in any position requiring this skill. Some are excellent at finding imperfections and make top notch editors. With excellent research abilities, many make outstanding technical writers. Often they have a wealth of knowledge and have excellent computer skills. Typically people with autism are punctual, loyal and dedicated employees who prefer to remain in the same company for a long period of time.

Support and inspiration for families

Passionate about the Greatness of Autism, Natural Learning Concepts is dedicating to promoting the “Remarkabilities” of people on the autism spectrum. At a very young age, some children do complicated math. Three year olds teach themselves to read proficiently. Four year olds could almost qualify as a paleontologist. We encourage you to read some of the “Remark-abilities” that parents have posted on our website. The memorable moment’s section allows people to share the great experiences they have with the special person in their life who has autism. People with autism bring us laughter and joy. Visit the section on our website called “The Greatness of Autism”. Read the book written by Jene Aviram called “What does it mean to have autism”. It has changed the way many people think about autism. It will uplift your spirits and amaze you.