My NapPak

My NapPak

Product type: Baby & Child Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

The all-in-one pillow, comforter and attached fleece blanket just for kids who take naps. Now made in The USA with lots of love.

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Ten years later, My NapPak continues giving parents peace of mind with each child enthusiastically embracing (in this case quite literally!) his/her personal My NapPak. To keep customers happy, My NapPak is introducing two new patterns, one for the little mermaid and one for the aspiring little buckaroo. “Under the Sea” is replete with tiny mermaids and fish friends all swimming through a bubbling blue sea with a brilliant, lemon-yellow cover blanket trimmed in bright pink; “Cowboys and Indians” will appeal to the Western minded with its pattern of whimsical young braves, decked out cowboys all patch worked onto a sky-blue bandana background; the accompanying blanket will satisfy the most discriminating cowhand with its pattern of brown and white cowhide trimmed out with a contrasting red.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – anonymous Latin quote, really does apply to this product!

My NapPak was founded by Beth Clampitt in Dallas, Texas, in September 2001. One day when picking her 18 month old son up from a mothers-day-out program, she realized that he was stuck to the mat from sweating and drooling and the blanket that he was using was twisted around his legs. The nap time mat provided for children to lie on in a majority of preschools is covered with a plastic surface which makes it easily sanitized but NOT very user friendly for the child who is lying on it. Plastic is hot, nonabsorbent and not at all a comfy, snuggly experience with which to cuddle up to for a nap.

The school insisted that she could only bring one item for him to nap with. After a personal search for such a product for her child, she was unable to find satisfactory bedding. Convinced that there was a strong interest for a sleeping product that was all-in-one, comfortable, durable enough to handle weekly washings and which kept the child from direct contact with a mat that another child had napped on the day before, she decided to make them herself. Parents and schools responded enthusiastically to her design. My NapPak is versatile enough to use for a variety of situations – school and day-care, traveling and sleeping over at grandparents and children love the colorful, whimsical designs.

My NapPak creates the immediate environment that appeals to the tactile sense of touch which is most important in early childhood experience and when imbued with smells that come from home, ‘wrap’ your child up with a feeling of security. Combine comfort with the practicality of being washable (you may want more than one!) and all this comes as an all-in-one package! Your child will feel very grown up picking out a favorite design and you will have peace of mind knowing that nap time will be safe, comforting and pre-school ‘cool’!

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