My Brest Friend

Product type: Baby & Child Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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Zenoff Products Mission Statement
We provide the highest quality and most useful breastfeeding support products for nursing moms and babies around the world.
My Brest Friend Mission Statement
To help babies receive the optimum health, and pure love from their mothers. We facilitate the healthiest bonding for mom and baby, resulting in physical, emotional and psychological benefits for both.
The My Brest Friend Journey… from an unthinkable idea to Best Selling Product
As far back as anyone can remember, when a mom wanted to breastfeed she usually looked around for something nearby to help prop baby into position. Options included:
• bed pillows
• rolled-up towels
• a sofa cushion
• a toddler u-shaped pillow
None of those household items could stay in place for long. Mom needed to shift her arms and readjust the baby’s position often causing the session to end. Mothers learned to stay frozen in place for the duration of the feeding not to risk a pillow slipping — resulting in muscle fatigue, back pain, discomfort and soreness. Or if they did move, well then baby cried and the session had to begin again. Also moms nurse without using any support for up to 15 times a day while holding their babies. This can cause serious muscle fatigue and stress for mom, resulting in less breastfeeding and a frustrated baby too. A majority of mom’s will seek outside support to help them breastfeed successfully. Many moms give up nursing due to difficulties with positioning and latch-on, before they have had a successful experience. This can be devastating for mom and her sense of self. Baby also misses out on so many important health and psychological benefits of bonding with mom in this way. Mom and baby deserve the chance to receive all the benefits from breastfeeding comfortably and at ease.
We know all this because that’s exactly why the My Brest Friend nursing pillow had to be created.
Andrew Zenoff, the inventor of My Brest Friend proved that sometimes the best ideas come from those who have just enough distance from a problem to imagine solutions that have never been considered before.
A bachelor at the time, Andrew observed some friends who were new nursing mothers struggling with this very issue.
With a business degree, curiosity and a belief that anything was possible, Andrew set out to do what no one had done before: create a nursing pillow whose sole purpose was to meet all the needs of breastfeeding moms and babies.
First, he compiled a list of complaints from a group of breastfeeding moms. The list included lower back pain due to improper support, poor latch-on, and babies “rolling” inward or away due to using shape of existing u-shaped pillows. Andrew then raised seed money from friends and family and began a lengthy cycle of design and test, followed by redesign and retest until he had built over 50 prototypes in a single year. By then Andrew had recruited a team to help him poke, prod, raise, lower, tighten, loosen, shift and adorn until, at last, they had designed the pillow that all the moms in their test group agreed was perfect. In fact they couldn’t find a single way to improve upon it. Then, and only then, was My Brest Friend introduced to nursing mothers everywhere.
20 years later: the nursing pillow is loved around the world.
Today My Brest Friend’s patented wrap-around design has supported mothers in over 35 countries where it is now sold. It is also used in hundreds of NIC units and birthing hospitals across the country. It is the #1 choice of lactation consultants and consistently earns raves from nursing mothers, many of whom tell us our pillow has helped them achieve longer holding sessions and more comfortable feeding cycles than they ever believed possible.
Today, My Brest Friend is the choice of millions of moms who breastfeed their babies. And that bachelor, Andrew, well now he is a father of two girls and he, and his wife, Sarah, have nursed and fed their babies using My Brest Friend.
We take safety seriously. In our twenty years of business, Zenoff Products has never been notified of any harm resulting from the use of My Brest Friend. We have sold millions of products worldwide. This is the standard we are committed to.
Our company is focused on the health, comfort, and safety of mom and baby. We err on the side of safety by continuing to test our products, explore advances in the field, and respond quickly to any health or safety concerns that may arise.
All of our products are inspected and tested by Intertek, a world-renowned independent testing laboratory. We have always passed all legal and safety regulations. We do not use fire retardants in our foam pillow, as fire retardants are no longer required for use in nursing pillows. The foam we use is tested for safety.
“Members of my family and the My Brest Friend staff have used and loved our products for years – we wouldn’t use them or sell them unless we believed them to be 100% safe – regardless of legal, financial or compliance issues. This is our commitment.” – Andrew Zenoff, CEO of Zenoff Products/ Inventor of My Brest Friend.