Product type: Fine Jewelry, Watches
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: Eastern Europe, Western Europe
Trade show: NA

Morellato & Sector is currently the world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of jewellery and watches that are an expression of contemporary luxury, which embody emotions, desires and lifestyles. The Group protects its market strength through its own brands, MORELLATO, SECTOR, PHILIP WATCH, BLUESPIRIT, CHRONOSTAR, and licensed brands, JOHN GALLIANO, MASERATI, JUST CAVALLI and MISS SIXTY. The company is also the leading manufacturer worldwide of watch straps, which was the Group's original business. From appearance to expression, from timepieces to accessories: these are the changes to jewellery and timepieces that the company, in fact, foresaw back in the 1990s. The reinterpretation of the concept of luxury, which is no longer perceived as a useless form of ostentation and preciosity, but as an expression of the person, of his or her dreams and lifestyle, is the foundation that, over the years, has contributed to Morellato's success.

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An entirely MADE IN ITALY history that began almost a century ago when Giulio Morellato, at the end of the first world war, began an entrepreneurial adventure opening a shop of timepieces jewellery with his brother.

Later, Giulio’s focus moved towards producing and selling leather watch straps, revolutionising the business precisely when the use of wristwatches began to become common place.


No one could have imagined that this business, run in the laboratory and in a few neighbouring houses, would quickly grow to become an important Italian watch jewellery group.

A business marked by a strong spirit, an ability to look to the future, and a vision that went beyond the period’s scepticism, fashions, and hardships. When Giulio Morellato died, I. Volpato and S. Carraro, took over the company’s management, bringing success to the Morellato group that continues to grow today. The company, carries on its tradition without losing sight of modernity, keeping the brand’s values alive and vivid: vision, innovation and quality, which have always been the essential characteristics of a good MADE IN ITALY product.


In 1999, Morellato launched a successful jewellery line with the communication concept “Morellato. Jewels to be lived,” positioning the brand as the symbol of modern luxury to be lived day after day. Thanks to Morellato, jewels used new materials such as steel, pearls and natural stones. The use of materials chosen through strict research and selection processes, exclusive Italian design originating in 1930 at the Morellato laboratories in the Venice area, as well as patient artisan craft, are the winning strategies of the brand, which satisfy to the evolving needs of consumers and which have led the company over a short period of time to becoming a leader in fashion jewellery.


The secret of Morellato’s success, therefore, lies in its new-found interpretation of the concept of luxury, which is no longer understood as a form of ostentation and extravagance, but as “emotional” fact relating to psychic influences and all that in some way belongs to this:

” Communication of the beautiful and precious, a dream that can be achieved by purchasing a product. ”

Morellato endeavours to introduce jewellery to your everyday life and to make every instant precious. Quality, which has been pursued for generations, has always been rooted in the historical values of the brand. Morellato is today the result of the intelligence and perseverance of those who have put their hearts and souls into the company, creating a culture of team work, transparency and conviviality.

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