Meva Rugs

Meva Rugs

Product type: Home Accents, Living Room Furniture, Textile & Fabric Crafts
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Our family owned factory in Ghosia, India was founded in 1936 by Sri Moti Lal Baranwal and his partners including our name sake “Meva”, they began production of premium quality hand spun and hand knotted rugs. Today, the factory has been expanded to include the production of hand tufted, hand woven, kilim, shag and jacquard rugs and utilizes both chrome and vegetable dyes

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It is their mission to constantly work toward improvements in reduction of waste, preserving history and giving back to the planet. Vigilantly, the company select and utilize only the best sustainable farmstead growth trees and reclaimed metals and woods in our collections. Their efforts in preserving the integrity and unique characteristics of these repurposed materials, allows each item to tell a story all its own.
Known in the industry for their high-quality and thoughtfully designed products. Meva maintains a personalized approach to business and remain active in new product development. Introducing an expansion of inspired, reclaimed and eco-friendly items every year ensures we keep the line fresh and exciting. They, at Meva, remain focused in supplying their dealers of all sizes with an array of quality products with exceptional price points and premiere customer service.
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