Product type: Baby & Child Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
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Invented by NYC mom Mary Ann Schwanewede looking for a storage option for her sons stroller. The StrollAway is made of steel, hangs neatly and easily over any door, and has adjustable arms that swivel to hold most any stroller model.

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After the birth of her son Billy in 2004, like most new urban (New York) moms, Mary Ann Schwanewede found herself overwhelmed by a whole lot of new baby gear in very little apartment. When it came time to use her brand new stroller, she assumed that there would be some sort of system to store the stroller when not in use. There was no convenient place in the family apartment and her building did not allow anything in the hallways, as it clutters the public spaces, and is a fire hazard.

Without thinking much of it she trekked to the baby gear store and asked for ‘a hook to store my folded stroller’ . The salesman looked at her blankly and said no such thing existed. She found this hard to believe; she couldn’t be the only one in this city of 8 million, many of whom are parents, to have this problem. Everywhere she looked in her downtown neighborhood she saw a parade of strollers, ‘where was everybody putting them?’, she wondered.

After much formal and informal research, Mary Ann came to realize that this was a storage issue that had not been addressed. She also came to realize that suburban moms had complaints about storing their strollers as well. Many said that they no longer had room in the garage for their cars as the strollers had taken over!

Now, after 2 plus years of research, developing prototypes and holding focus groups, MetroTOTS proudly presents the ‘Stroll-Away’ an over the door storage system for most brands or models of foldable stroller. Made of durable steel and adjustable to 9 different positions, it is the first and only storage solution for bulky strollers. Wall mount (for the garage) and multi stroller rack system coming soon!


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