Product type: Industrial Parts
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: Mid East, North America, Southeast Asia
Trade show: NA

MECO (Mechanical Equipment Company Inc.) is a manufacturer of engineered products for water purification serving multiple industries, since 1928. MECO is the world's leading producer of water purification plants for offshore oil and gas platforms and the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, where ultra-pure water is the primary ingredient in the drug manufacturing process. MECO provides advanced water purification systems to the US Armed forces and is a leading provider of pure water for critical manufacturing processes in the food and beverage industry. MECO is a Louisiana-based company with facilities in Houston, TX, Mandeville, LA, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Singapore.

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We’ve been world leaders in water purification technology since 1939. And we hold the patents to prove it. We introduced the vapor compression desalination process for seawater in 1939. We developed new technology that allows the U.S. Army to make fresh water from contaminated water in combat zones. Our systems produce pharmaceutical-grade water for use in injectable drugs . . . and the water that gives soda its pop.

Our product is pure water. But our business is solutions. Every industry has its own needs. Every client has unique needs, too. We engineer need-specific systems that take everything from flow rate to climate into account. We can do that because we’re experienced, innovative water purification specialists. We build the best. We build to last. Our commitment to service matches our insistence on quality.

An ISO 9001, we practice stringent quality control, conducting internal and external audits and testing every product before it ships. We qualify and monitor companies that supply our components. We use the most durable and dependable materials. Our total service support includes our online MASTERsupport™ program. Environmental awareness permeates every aspect of our design and manufacturing operations.

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