Mail Gator, Inc

Mail Gator, Inc

Product type: Outdoor Furniture Accessories
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

This unit was designed and built by former letter carriers with the latest customer security issues in mind. In a day of continuous mail theft from mailboxes, security is the utmost importance. We are introducing a new concept, the mail gator mailbox, which will allow customers the security and peace of mind by being able to leave home without worrying over the theft of incoming mail, end of month checks, critical medication or identity theft.

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Customers may be able to leave on short vacations or holidays without having to notify the Postal Service. This is due to the large capacity of the locked holding bin beyond the reach of potential drive-by mail thefts and vandals. The Mail Gator mailbox can keep your mail dry and virtually secure during your absence. It is constructed of high impact composite plastic available in 6 granite colors with UV protection to prevent fading. This patent pending, one-piece design is very rugged and durable. It is resistant to impact from ball bats but will break away if struck by a motor vehicle.

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