Lovell johns

Lovell johns

Product type: Electronics Accessories, Portable Audio & Speakers
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Once there was an audiophile and a designer got together to tackle a problem they saw plaguing the world - unsightly and non-functional audio/video furniture. From this union a young, design-oriented Lovan emerged. Lovan has been manufacturing audio video racks since 1988. We are one of the largest manufacturers of audo video support systems in the world. We invested over $8 million in its newly constructed 180,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Our factory is well equipped with "state of the art" robotics welding arms, automatic expoxy overhead conveyor system, advanced metal fabrication machines, and other new technologies.

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Presently Lovan markets its products worldwide to include United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia. Our company goal is to create audio/video furniture that is not only deisgned to look exquisite, but also to aid your equipment to perform equisitely. This dream materialized in the illusively simple, yet uncompromisingly elegant, “Trisolation” system.

Lovan features a unique patented “Trisolation System” which provides sensitive electronic components with superior isolation from sound vibration as well as allowing the racks to have exceptional stability. The “Trisolation System” uses sturdy solid points to connect the meticulously finished shelves of a Lovan audio/video rack as one. Visually the result seems to suspend in mid air. Sonically, its effect is more grounded – the sturdy points and modular construction act as a damper, protecting your equipment from harmful vibration and giving you cleaner music and voice, more powerful sound effects and tighter, deeper bass.

Extremely easy to put together, Lovan’s open-design allows for excellent ventilation – keeping your equipment cool and prolonging its life. The spikes between the racks and the floor act as a mechanical diode, draining vibration energy from one shelf to another, providing the best coupling between the rack and the floor. Our modular construction guarantees flexible configurations to perfectly accommodate your components, speakers, monitor and accessories. Available in various heights to allow consumers to customize their own audio video support systems. Additional shelves may be added at any time as the consumers’ system grows. Lovan’s speaker stands are made from extremely heavy, inert material such as carbon steel to produce stability. Both heavy mass and rigidity are the basic elements required in order to attain maximum performance from the speakers. They are also sand/lead fillable to absorb vibration.

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