Product type: Pet Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

The genesis of Loopies® began one evening in 2001 while I was watching a show on The Discovery Channel about attractive faces and the reason why we find certain people “good looking”. It was all about symmetry; if the right side of your face is symmetrical with the features on the left side of your face then chances are people enjoy looking at you. And that was it. I was already in the process of developing a line of toys and now I knew; the toys would be symmetrical.

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I met with an artist and a manufacturer; two weeks later I had prototypes in my hands. Loopies symmetrically shaped toys in four different sizes with not just one squeaker…but SIX. We made toys for the tiniest Chihuahua to a giant Mastiff. After applying for patent and copyright registration I started hitting the pavement to sell the line. What I quickly discovered was that not only did dogs and their owners like the toys; but kids and their parents did too! With two separate industries to market things were beginning to take flight. A well established children’s toy company in Los Angeles got on board and agreed to sell Loopies as our exclusive distributor. That allowed me to concentrate on the pet industry.We’re now in our 10th year of business and the product line includes over 400 different styles and colors of Loopies and is distributed worldwide. The Loopies pet brand is widely recognized and is a recipient of multiple awards including Pet Age trade magazines Pinnacle award of “Most Exciting Products of the Year”…two years in a row. Talk show host Ellen Degeneres included Loopies on her list of “Great Holiday Gift Ideas” in December and rock star wife Sharon Osbourne featured Loopies on her show. In 2005 Loopies was given accolades again by Pet Age in their “Shelf Life” feature highlighting products that help retailers increase their bottom line.

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