Product type: Nursery Furniture, Outdoor Furniture Accessories, Patio & Outdoor Dining Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

The vision of bringing shared fun to parents and their kids has brought us this far. Lohasrus is a brand name owned by Products Group Ltd. We specialize in outdoor kids furniture and garden hobbies that help foster kids' imagination and love for the environment. With our global team's innovative ideas, marketing insights, design skills, and detail collaboration with manufacturing, we bring to our customers high-quality products that meet and exceed their needs at reasonable prices. As our brand name suggests, we care about the world around us. From our business philosophy and practices to the goods and services that we provide, we are committed to promoting the lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS). Everyone is responsible for taking care of the world around us. Children are our future, so our vision is to bring products to our customers that will let them have fun, and will help them nurture children to explore the outdoors and inspire their creativity.

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The Ng family started our first company in 1981. In 2005 we began building a global brand name in kids furniture and garden hobbies. Lohasrus products are the backbone of our business, so the product development process is well thought out and driven by our beliefs. Besides our belief in sustainability, safety and innovation are other key drives behind our products.
Innovation Obsession
Innovation drives the growth of our company, offering our customers more types of new products at reasonable prices.
Our company has been based in Hong Kong for two decades. In an effort to attract more talents and reduce cost, we decided to move the main operations to Shenzhen, which is the fastest growing city in mainland China. We knew it is important to have people who are curious and have experience in different fields and different cultures to drive innovation in our products. Therefore, we started to gather a global team of engineers and designers from mainland China, Hong Kong, the US, France, and the Netherlands.
Dedication to Safety
Besides innovation, another focus on our product development effort is product safety.
From the beginning of our concept, we knew safety is a necessity. We contacted the leading test and certification agencies, but were surprised to find out that no safety test standards have been set for kids furniture. We developed some internal tests and designed our products with safety in mind. We produced our first set of kids furniture using water based non-toxic paint that is harmless to the environment and safe for children use. Unfortunately, the toxic paint incidence occurred in the toys industry in mid 2007. Due to the doubt in consumers’ mind, our sales did not meet our expectations. In order to prove our products are safe, we contacted the test agencies again, but got the same reply as last time.
Every cloud has a silver lining, and we saw the silver lining when a team member suggested testing to the standards of toys. After one and a half years modifications and testing, we finally obtained certification of ASTM F963-07 for our kids furniture. We also obtained certification for our garden hobbies products per consumer safety standards.
Our Products
After so much hard work and time put in by our team members, we are proud to have been granted 9 patents. We are also proud that our 2009 Spring Collection kids Adirondack wood furniture may be the first to have passed the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety per ASTM F963-07.
In 2009, we have launched our new products again. So far, we have built a distribution network of a few hundred retailers and popular web stores such as amazon.com and ebay.com. Our outdoor furniture and garden hobbies products are advertised in the campaign of “Lohasrus / Bringing kids closer to nature”. Our indoor furniture and arts and crafts products are advertised in the campaign of “Lohasrus / Bringing kids more imagination”.

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