Product type: Baby & Child Care
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

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In 2001, while babysitting my baby niece and using an analog audio monitor, I was very unsatisfied with the sound quality and the range. It was terrible but very much the norm at that time. At that point we had been developing do-it-yourself video security products for years but had never thought this technology could be used for child safety. I remember thinking, ‘Who wouldn’t want to also see their child while they were in another room?’ Hearing a baby with an audio-only monitor just wouldn’t cut it anymore.  In that moment of inspiration, our first baby video monitor was born. Less than a year later we brought the first wireless, hand-held and full-color baby video monitor in the world to market.
Creating solutions for people with new ideas or products is something I have always been really passionate about, it’s like an art form to me. If you ask my own mother, she will tell you I was always inventing new potions and gadgets as a child – sometimes not-so-safely when she wasn’t looking – and that she wished she had a video monitor when I was small and curious.
Our first baby video monitors were introduced under our original security brand name SVAT and were a big hit with parents. We decided new brand would make more sense for our baby monitors and Levana was born. The legend of the Roman goddess Levana is very powerful and inspiring to us. Dedicated to the well-being of children, Levana means ‘to rise’ and is named for the symbolic gesture of lifting up a newborn infant in a ceremonial presentation to the parents. We believe we are also dedicated to helping parents “rise” to the occasion of caring for their child without having to sacrifice some of the activities that define who they are. Well over a decade later we’re still finding new ways to empower parents and give them the confidence to do more knowing their children are safe under the watchful eye of Levana.
How do we do it? We know what features parents want and need and we develop solutions to give them more freedom and less worry. Most importantly, we don’t go to market without first putting a new monitor in real parents’ hands. Their feedback has been a huge part of what makes our products so special. You may not know it at first, but being a parent means you’re basically a super-hero – there’s nothing you can’t do. Our baby monitors give parents that little extra boost to help them confidently manage all of their newfound daily routines with ease.
And we keep it simple. Our focus is on baby safety and parent’s peace of mind, so we stick to doing what we know best: creating the best baby monitors in the world.
It’s our hope that you’ll let us join you in your home so we can help you do more knowing your child is safe. On behalf of all of us, thank you for choosing Levana!