Product type: Cooking Appliance, Kitchen Appliance, Other Home Appliance
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer, Wholesaler
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

L’EQUIP manufactures and distributes high quality, value-based products that promote healthy lifestyles, and they always provide excellent customer service. Through vision and teamwork, they forge business partnerships that provide opportunity for success and fulfillment.

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L’EQUIP is a privately held company whose principle has over 35 years experience in household appliance distribution and manufacturing. Best known for our exclusive BOSCH relationship, L’EQUIP manufactures and distributes small kitchen appliances and products that promote healthy lifestyles. Our slogan is “life in healthy balance,” and we follow that principle in business by providing high quality products, ensuring consumer friendly service and warranty, and maintaining value based pricing in the marketplace.

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BOSCH Kitchen Machines
NutriMill Grain and Flour Mills
L’EQUIP Dehydrators, Juicers, and Small Kitchen Electrics
A Line of L’EQUIP Consumable Baking Products
Full-color graphic packaging
Point-of-purchase literature, brochures, signage, and videos
National print advertising
Direct and Web-based sales training
Toll-free customer service
Retailer support Web site
Monthly promotional campaigns
The L’EQUIP Company was founded August 19, 1999 in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania by Jamie Pascotti, formerly of Omega Juicers. L’EQUIP was dedicated to health and well-being. With many years of experience in the industry, the company was founded with a mission to create products that functioned well, looked good, and had true advantages over other appliances. L’EQUIP’s first product was a pulp ejector juicer invented by Pascotti that operated at the lower RPM’s than any pulp ejection-type juicer in the market. L’EQUIP quickly became well known for its top selling health related electric juicers, dehydrators and the award-winning RPM blender.

In 2007 Kitchen Resource, LLC reached an agreement with L’EQUIP Inc. for the transfer of all brand rights for all their products. Kitchen Resource, LLC, doing business as L’EQUIP continued to enhanced sales growth and brand recognition. L’EQUIP’s product line continue to expand, continue to improve in quality and innovation, and continues to focus on appliances and products that promoted “life in healthy balance.”

L’EQUIP’s business model is focused on being environmentally friendly and preserving health for future generations. In March of 2008 our “Help Us Plant a Forest” campaign was launched in an effort to maintain a healthy balance both nutritionally and environmentally. L’EQUIP continues to donate one tree to the Arbor Day Foundation for every qualifying L’EQUIP product sold. Our commitment to your health, your family, and our planet continues today. After all—we’re L’EQUIP.

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