Kingdom Pets

Kingdom Pets

Product type: Pet Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

Kingdom Pets is committed to providing both owners and their "family members" great products that are safe and wholesome. WIth that in mind, we developed ...

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All Kingdom Pet dog snacks are developed and distributed by Globalinx Pet LLC, an American, family-owned company based in Southern California. In just a little over 8 years, we have become one of largest suppliers of jerky Kingdom Pet dog snacks in the world, having sold more than 700 million dog treats. The reason behind this amazing success story is simply that we provide a wonderful variety of safe, high quality treats that dogs love. Pet parents marvel at a great value these treats represent in the marketplace. All our products originate from only wholesome, natural ingredients like chicken breast, duck breast and varieties of fruits and vegetables. Safety and healthfulness is the number one objective with every treat we produce. To assure the quality of every Kingdom Pets treat, every product undergoes testing for nutritional content, and every batch gets comprehensive lab testing in the United States to ensure they are contaminate free and safe. Additionally, to optimize dietary health of all Kingdom Pets dog snack products specific feeding recommendations are developed by an independent Pet Nutritionist and listed on each package. Kingdom Pets products are registered with the FDA and produced using USDA guidelines for human food production. In fact, all safety testing results can be found here on this website for review.

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