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KD Tools

Product type: Power & Hand Tools, Garage & Shop Tools, Body Repair Tools, Engine Tools
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

GearWrench® introduced the original patented five-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996 and quickly became a go-to brand for professional automotive technicians. The innovation didn’t stop there. Year after year, the GearWrench® brand continues to expand its line—in ratcheting tools and beyond—to help automotive and industrial technicians get their jobs done faster and easier.

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GearWrench® introduced the first real change in wrench handle design with the X-Beam™ in 2006. Whether working under the hood of a car or on an industrial shop floor, professional tool users like the GearWrench® X-Beam™ for its wider, super-strong crossbeam, which increases the contact area between the hand and the wrench by 500 percent and provides greater comfort.
A more recent innovation is the GearWrench® 120XP™ Ratchet, the only ratchet that features 120 positions for every full rotation, allowing it to turn fasteners with a swing arc of as little as three degrees. The GearWrench® 120XP™ ratchets take access to a whole new level.
Some of the top-selling products from the non-ratcheting side of the GearWrench® line include Double-X™ Pliers, Screwdrivers, Indexing Pry Bars and XL Series Tool Boxes.
The Double-X™ Pliers deliver innovation with the double joint pliers that allow the plier to reach where others can’t. The two pivot points act to allow the jaws to open greater than the handles, that means better access to more places.
GearWrench® screwdrivers are ergonomically designed to fit your hand when in use. Developed in conjunction with a leading university, the Tri-Lobe handle shape offers three sides that provide the best performance with the least amount of effort.
The GearWrench® Indexing Pry Bar Program has changed the way prybars are used. The 14 locking positions of the indexing head can get to where others can’t and perform at 2x ANSI standards for safety and reliability. With all these great tools from GearWrench® you will need an equally innovative location to store them.
The XL Series Tool Boxes come complete with rolled over drawer walls,heavy gauge steel bodies and stamped drawer bottoms for added strength and durability, trigger lock drawers to keep everything secure but accessible with a natural pull and double ball-bearing construction for exceptional load capacity and easy slide action.

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