Kalon Studios

Product type: Bedroom Furniture, Nursery Furniture, Storage & Organizations
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: N/A

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At Kalon Studios, they make every effort to be as green and sustainable as can be. In their efforts to find sustainable solutions to manufacturing, we’ve engaged the newest and sometimes the oldest methods and materials. We’ve used raw materials that are renewable. We’ve finished our woods with an oil we developed that is so green, so-non toxic that it’s food grade. They’ve used vegetable inks and 100% post consumer recycled papers for our print materials and we’ve made use of the industries most local to us in our manufacturing. Politics are what they are and while the world sorts out the meaning of words and the direction of ‘progress’ we believe that on the individual level they can only endeavor to do our best and practice what we preach to the best of our abilities; it is the greatest impetus for change in our own immediate worlds, the most effective way to introduce change to the world at large and the truest form of social responsibility and empowerment.