Product type: Bathroom Furniture
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: N/A

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The JON-E-VAC Corporation is a privately owned US company situated in Southern Illinois. The company started operating in 2004 and since then has invested heavily in research and development to bring the JON-E-VAC® Toilet Ventilating Systems to their present level. The System has been tested by an independent laboratory to verify that it does trap and kill bacteria which is very detrimental to everyone’s health. That the odor control filtration system works has been verified by everyone who uses it; as your nose needs to be the only testing tool. Over the years the JON-E-VAC® Toilet Ventilating System has been used in homes, businesses, doctors’ offices and hospitals by many satisfied customers. Once they purchase and install the units, our customers always come back with comments such as “it actually works, I’ve never experienced anything like it”. Many of them have bought additional units. To this date everyone is very satisfied with absolutely no complaints. Everyone loves the clean fresh air and the knowledge that they are now in a bacteria-free area. All the JON-E-VAC® Seats and Central Systems are designed and manufactured in the USA. The Filter Fan Housing Unit is designed in the USA and final assembly and quality control is done in the USA. Our Mission Statement Is Very Simple: We stand behind our products, and are continuously looking for new concepts and ways to improve these so that we can improve our customers’ air quality and comfort level in bathrooms.