Jackson Professional Tools

Jackson Professional Tools

Product type: Garden Supplies
Supplier type: Drop Shipper, Manufacturer
Market served: North America
Trade show: NA

In 1876, the “New Industrial Revolution” was just beginning. Boats still plied the Pennsylvania Canal and other canals were under construction. The year also marked the beginning of Jackson Manufacturing. Today, nearly 135 years later, the company thrives as the nation’s oldest and largest manufacturer of wheelbarrows.

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The company’s founder, Caleb Jackson, was a man with an idea, and not much else except his entrepreneurial skills and vision. As a young man, he left his job at W.H. Sullenberger and Co. a farm machinery manufacturer, to start his own wheelbarrow manufacturing company in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Jackson correctly recognized that the wheelbarrow would play a major role in the continued growth of the nation at a time when nearly everywhere one turned, earth and minerals were being moved to build or supply something. In addition to wheelbarrows in a variety of sizes and styles for different purposes, Jackson soon made steel carts for use in mines, coal yards, docks, and railroads plus steel warehouse and baggage trucks.

From the beginning, Jackson’s abilities quickly attracted the support of James Donald Cameron, one of the nation’s outstanding statesmen and one of Harrisburg’s leading citizens,. Cameron, who was at the time, a U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania, also served as President Grant’s Secretary of War. For many years, Cameron was a major shareholder in Jackson Manufacturing.

In September 1881, just five years after its founding, Jackson Manufacturing was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with business to be carried out in Harrisburg. The growing company boasted 10 employees and assets of over $16 thousand. James Chamberlain was unanimously elected its first president at a salary of $500 per year.

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